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December 29 2017

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Selecting a Caterer for an Event

When planning for a reception, banquet or any special event the attention to detail and superb menu selection will make for a memorable experience. Everyone wants their party or event to be unique and have a custom feel to it. Therefore, it is critical to select Villa Russo Catering, as they have been hosting special events for over 50 years. The quality and taste of the food along with the attention to detail given to each event is second to none.

When selecting a wedding and event venue always consider:

Having menu options that are made using fresh seasonal ingredients with stunning presentation designed by expert chefs.

Utilizing a Maitre’D that is responsible for the agenda and seeing that things go smoothly, so you know who is in charge.

Deciding on one of a variety of options including anything from a traditional sit-down meal, to brunch or a buffet.

Review packages for all budgets and parties ranging from 25 to 275 guests.

Selection of rooms or banquet halls that allows the appropriate atmosphere for the number of guests

Keep These Tips in Your Back Pocket

It’s okay to go a little riskier when picking the hors d’oeuvres and sides as well as the desert. However, when choosing main entrees be mindful when feeding a diverse group of people, most will prefer recognizing what they are being served. This is by no means a recommendation that everyone have chicken, but there is no need to go with exotic choices. Keep the season in mind as well, since a heavier dish is more appropriate in the winter and something on the lighter side is best during the heat of summer.

Discuss with the caterer what they do best. They are experts in crowd favorites and know what they can execute best. Then, sample the food to taste it but also in order to experience the presentation. Check for reviews and see VillaRussoCatering.com for more photos of past events as well as packages.

When choosing a caterer, it will be evident that some are more full service than others. Always get clarification on their capability to provide linens, chairs, tables and things of that nature. It is best to have an in-person meeting with the caterer before deciding. This is the best way to ensure that there are no misunderstandings as well as a time to get a feel for the operation.

The Russo Family started catering in 1975 and early on in their venture became known as the best catering hall in Queens, New York. Visit villa Russo Catering and set an appointment to get started on the event of a lifetime.

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